You don't have to send the answers to me this is for you to self reflect !!!!

  1. Did you watch the BOTH videos?
  2. Are you interested in the business? 
  3. Are you able and willing to pay the enrollment fee of $49.00 that was mention in the videos?
  4. Are you able and willing to pay the monthly service fee of $69.95 to keep your business going?
  5. Are you willing to give some of your time to your training that is FREE?
  6.  Are you coachable and teachable?
  7. Are you willing to build your business by traveling, booking travel, and growing your business by SHOWING & TELLING others?
  8. Are you willing to come in the business with NO EXCUSES and just WORK your business and have FUN?

NOTE: Remember you can do this Part-time or Full-time, so it's not a need to quit your day job!!! This is just a substitute for extra income!!!!

  • If you answered YES!! YES!! YES!! to all the questions please fill out the application! You are one step closer to owning your very own Travel Business!!!!!!!!
  • If you answered NO!! NO!! to any of the questions this business is not for you.. It is okay you can always save this information and come back to it when you are ready!!!